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lead vocal & frottoir:  Becky Rector

drums:  Ray "The Percussionator" Rector

 bass:  Vik "Spyder" Martin


accordion & keyboard: Bill " Billy C." Chiechi

guitar: Jim Gallegos



Question: How can you keep that much musical energy and excitement on just one stage??

         The Answer: You can’t… The infectious melodies and rhythms generated by Z.O.O.M. flow off the stage and completely engulf every member of their audience. Capturing an audience with their vibrant sounds is nothing new for this passionate group of musicians. Z.O.O.M. has thrilled crowds in Northern California for many years. Brought together by an uncommon attraction for the home grown songs and unique driving second-line rhythms of New Orleans and the Deep South Swamps, Z.O.O.M. brings the unbridled magic of this genre to life in their memorable performances. Each member of Z.O.O.M. searched for years trying to find musicians that could feel and understand what they love most about this particular type of music, to no avail. Until now… Enjoy Music, enjoy Life, enjoy Dancing, enjoy Listening, and enjoy Love? Enjoy Z.O.O.M.!

          Z.O.O.M. aka Zydeco On Our Mind, redefines party music with their own brand of Swamp Pop/ New Orleans R&B/ Bayou Funk/ Mardi Gras Jazz/ Southern Rock/ Contemporary Zydeco/ all performed with "Zydeco On Our Mind"... a stage full of energy and fun.



"It's an acronym, son!!!"



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